Specialized Expertise for All Ages

Our center houses a highly specialized team skilled in identifying conditions in patients of all ages, including hypermobility, scoliosis, and various injuries or pain. Moreso, our expertise extends to arthritic and degenerative conditions, allowing patients to walk out with better quality of life.

Advanced Treatments

Experience ultra modern treatments like Robotic spinal alignment using Theraflex (UK), Photobiomodulation by THOR Laser (UK) and Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (USA).

Sports Excellence

Benefit from exclusive diagnostics developed in Italy, like the OptoGait system for gait analysis, WiTTy for cognitive training, foot analysis and customized insoles and Norditrack Vault and Norditrack Bike. Trust our solutions, endorsed by athletes like Neymar Jr. and Lionel Messi, for muscle recovery and enhanced performance.

Neuroscience Excellence

Our dedicated neuroscience therapists are renowned for achieving rapid and exceptional results in enhancing functional mobility, balance, coordination, and locomotion through a range of services, including sports-centric rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and physiotherapy.

Specialized Care

From Women's Health to Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, we tailor our services to your unique needs.

Clinical Excellence

Our Clinical Director, Dr. Krishna Dass, boasts nearly two decades of expertise and international recognition.

With a wider range of physiotherapy offerings including spinal decompression therapy, Tecar therapy, shockwave therapy and EMS rehabilitation.

Integrated wellness

Our commitment extends beyond symptom relief; we prioritize complete vigor and balance for our patients, ensuring that they receive comprehensive care.


We are one of the worlds most efficient team in terms of Pain management. Our team consists of highly skilled and qualified Doctors, who are very well trained with various advanced techniques in the fields of Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Cardio-respiratory, Sports, Manual Medicine, Women’s Health etc. Also the centre is equipped with several state of the art equipments and machines for better analysis and pain management, all under one roof.


We at MPC understand that pain becomes a major restrictive cause to most of the activities on daily living thereby causing dependency, discomfort , mental and physical stress. Hence, we aim at providing relief with pain by using our non surgical/non-steroidal “Hands On” technique and ensuring a complete painless functional well being without the use of medicines, opioids, painkillers or even surgeries that can be avoided for life.


Pain can often lead one to become bed-ridden and make one dependent on steroids/painkillers, which in time only causes further muscle de-conditioning and worsening. That’s precisely why, we at MPC believe in making sure when there is pain, we reach to the root cause of it, eliminate the same by our “Hands on” approach and enable every possible movement in order to maintain movement, joint integrity, functional performance and ensure you are full functional and back to your normal routine.


Prior to treatment or providing rehabilitation to any patient we conduct a detailed digital analysis of the patient which highlights the precise muscle/joint/fascia/system that is causing the problem and we then assign the practitioner whose expertise best suits your needs.

We’re there when you need us.

We know it’s important to be available when you need us hence we make ourselves available 365 days a year.
We maintain flexible appointment times at our clinics,and ensure pre booked appointments before you enter the clinic inorder to surpass the wait time.We also provide the facility of booking appointments from home using our app which keeps you updated on your bookings , treatments and progress of your condition.